Britney serves her mom with legal papers

Britney Spears sure knows how to keep herself in the news. The popstar served her mom with a letter from an out-of-state lawyer this afternoon barring her from visiting Sean Preston and Jayden James while taking any medications that would impair her ability to be around them. Spears had her bodyguard ask paparazzi for the location of her sister Jamie Lynn's photoshoot, then loaded her kids into a car and drove 40 minutes to Valencia to hand-deliver the letter (photo credit: Splash News). Spears reportedly blames her mom for sending her to rehab and has been upset that Lynne visits her kids while they are in the custody of her soon-to-be ex Kevin Federline. She also believes her mom is not stable enough to be around the kids due to her own "issues." Meanwhile, Federline is said to be stalling in signing final divorce papers out of concern over Spears's recent behavior. "Britney's attorneys are anxious to see Kevin sign off on a divorce," says a source. "But Kevin and his lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan are dragging their heels out of concern over reports of Britney's post-rehab partying." Federline "wants to make sure that the divorce document makes it simple enough for Kevin to downsize Britney's access to her kids the next time her behavior troubles him," added the source. Spears has been spotted out and about in LA, drinking the odd cocktail and shopping up a storm. The popstar's lawyer says, "I do not feel it's appropriate to comment on the personal life or legal positions of my client."