Cam's magician boyfriend is married

Turns out Cameron Diaz's new guy, magician Criss Angel, is married. Angel's "secret" Long Island wife, Joanne Sarantakos, claims their marriage broke down as soon as he got famous and hooked up with the Shrek star. A lawyer for Sarantakos says he intends to subpoena Diaz to testify in state Supreme Court about her romance with the Vegas magician in support of his client's divorce petition on the grounds of mental cruelty and abandonment. Angel - whose real name is Chris Sarantakos - reportedly kept his five-year marriage (and 15-year relationship) a secret to raise his sex appeal to female fans. "We're naming Cameron Diaz as his lover," Sarantakos's lawyer told the court yesterday, adding that he'd had Angel followed by a private investigator for six months. "We will subpoena her as soon as she comes back to New York." He also revealed that Angel hasn't given his wife a penny of the $7 million he made last year. "He's not paying her support, which is tragic - considering his worth." Angel himself was in court, and his lawyer did not deny the allegations of adultery. The magician flashed a peace sign, but did not make any comments. According to the Mindfreak star's in-laws, "When his career took a jump forward, he became a different person. He's in love with himself. He's a narcissist. My daughter was never acknowledged as his wife. He told her it was a better single image, than a married image." Sarantakos's brother agreed, saying, "It's almost as if he played the Mindfreak game on her. He was controlling her. He's basically living in a TV persona. Chris Sarantakos is dead - Criss Angel has taken over. He killed off his old self and morphed into his new self - it's scary, really." This guy seemed like a loser from the start. What is Diaz thinking?