A royal ruse?

After appearing at this weekend's Concert Diana (though they didn't sit together), Prince William and Kate Middleton once again have royal watchers wondering if their recently announced breakup was all a ruse. A veteran royal follower told Page Six that Wills and Middleton never actually split. "Their closest friends believe it was all a ruse to get Britain's voracious tabloid press off Kate's back," the source said, especially in light of the rampant rumors of an imminent engagement announcement. "William has had recurring nightmares that Kate would meet the same fate [as Princess Diana], literally chased to her death by paparazzi." William is said to have suggested "that they simply make it look as if the romance was completely over. The strategy worked, even though they were in almost constant touch via phone, email and text-messaging ever since. Everyone is rooting for Kate because no one wants to see William make the same mistake Charles made and pass up marrying the woman he fell in love with in the first place."