Heidi's sneak peek

If Seal and Heidi Klum's children ever ask how their parents fell in love, the couple may have to make something up. "I met him in a hotel lobby in New York City and he came in just from the gym and I was sitting there and I was like, wow," Klum tells Oprah Winfrey on her show to air Thursday. Wow, as in Seal was wearing bicycle shorts. "And I pretty much saw everything," says Klum. "The whole package." From that moment on, the passion never died. The couple, in a rare joint television interview, say they've worked to keep those early feelings alive. "The most common hiccup," says Seal, is when the first child comes along. "And it turns into all about the kids, which is understandable because they're miraculous. But then you've got to put each other first. You know, she will always be number one for me." "Is it true?" asks Winfrey. "I have the most romantic husband," says Klum. "I do."