Lindsay makes a responsible decision

For the second time this year, Lindsay Lohan has back out of hosting a party in Las Vegas. As recently as last week, the 21-year-old was scheduled to attend a New Year's Eve blowout at Vegas nightclub LAX, but her rep says, "Lindsay will no longer be New Year's Eve in Las Vegas." The announcement should come as no surprise to those close the the actress. Last week, a source said, "Lindsay doesn't necessarily want to host but she's contractually obligated" due to the 21st birthday plans at LAX sister club PURE that she had to scrap in July in order to go to rehab. Lohan's rep says the actress, who has been out of rehab at Utah's Cirque Lodge for less than a month, "continues to focus on her work and sobriety." The deal between Lohan and PURE remains in place, and "they will both wait for a day" when she can host an event for the company, perhaps even "another year from now," says an insider.