No decision in custody case

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline appeared together on Friday for a three-hour custody hearing behind closed doors - the first courtroom face-off for the former couple. Spears took three bathroom breaks, with her mood souring as the day wore on. At an early break, she told media, "Everything's great," but later cursed at a reporters who asked how she was, saying, "Snort it, f**k it." The session ended with no ruling from the Superior Court commissioner. "There was testimony given by both parties," said a court rep, "but Commissioner Gordon did not make a ruling today. He took the case under submission, meaning he'll consider both sides and will craft a new court order." Spears's attorney said he was "absolutely satisfied" with the court session, and noted that Spears would continue to have overnight visitations with her sons. "I left with a favorable feeling," he said. The next hearing is November 26.