Paris Hilton: the good witch and the bad witch

Paris Hilton says her postponed trip to Rwanda will take place in 2008, and she is still intent on bringing the suffering of other cultures to the attention of a younger generation. "We were supposed to be going in November, but then the charity is doing restructuring and figuring things out," Hilton says. "It's going to be next year... I want to travel the world. I feel like there's a lot I can do, and a lot I can do to help. I know [Rwanda] went through a lot of traumatic experiences, and I feel like if I go there, I can help save some people's lives."

Meanwhile, the Simple Life star allegedly threw a tantrum at a Toronto adult store last Wednesday, demanding that the manager take down posters promoting her infamous sex tape. The best part? It was all captured on the store's surveillance tapes. "You guys can't use my image in a porn store," a woman said to be Hilton was heard saying. "I'm going to call my lawyer and sue the [expletive] out of this place. I really want them down because they're mean and this is not right. I'm really serious, this is disgusting. And I want the other ones too or I'm calling the [expletive] cops." Shortly after leaving the store, a man claiming to be Hilton's manager returned and told the staff to keep the incident quiet, threatening a lawsuit for defamation of character if the tape of Hilton's meltdown were to be leaked. Of course, the porn proprietors quickly called up every media outlet they could and are now negotiating for rights to the footage with two U.S. tabloid shows. Offers are said to have reached $50,000.
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