Pitt considering Unabomber flick?

Would Brad Pitt be a convincing Unabomber? His production company, Plan B, is considering a biopic about Ted Kaczynski, the Harvard-educated, manifesto-scribbling, beard-sporting, imprisoned-for-life terrorist who killed three and wounded 23 with his letter bombs. The manhunt for Kaczynski was one of the most expensive in FBI history. There's also a family angle to the potential film: it was Ted's brother David, and anti-death-penalty activist, who ultimately turned him in to the authorities. Pitt's publicist confirms that Plan B is "looking at" a Unabomber script, but stresses that the production company is not yet involved in a formal way. "It's not a project they've taken on yet," she says. "It's something they're looking at." She adds that Plan B's execs get "a million scripts thrown at them" and not always for Pitt. "He doesn't star in everything they produce, clearly."