Angelina goes cold on magazine cover

Angelina Jolie is so over all those Jennifer Aniston comparisons. The pair had avoided being pitted against each other for some time - that is, until November's W magazine hit newsstands. Editors released nine versions of the issue, including one of Jolie as the cover girl and another of Aniston. "Why would I comment on that?" Jolie snapped when asked about it at a Beverly Hills press conference for her upcoming flick Beowulf. "That matters because..." Jolie was less guarded when it came to revealing her Thanksgiving plans with beau Brad Pitt and their four children on Good Morning America Monday. Her fixings this year? "Everything, but I'm not much of a cook, so we'll see what happens," she said. "We all chip in, but I...don't think anybody in my family wants me to handle Thanksgiving dinner." With her culturally diverse brood, she said it's almost always a holiday at the Jolie-Pitt house. "We celebrate Moon Festival for my boys, who are from Asia, and Kwanzaa and things like that, so we certainly try to celebrate as many of those as we can and bring in all cultures."