Autopsy on Kanye's mom inconclusive

The LA County Coroner's office confirmed yesterday that they have completed an autopsy on Donda West, the mother of hiphop star Kanye West, who died on Saturday after undergoing a tummy-tuck and breast reduction procedure. At a press conference, a coroner's office rep said, "The findings of the autopsy have been deferred pending the receipt of additional tests that have been ordered by the deputy medical examiner. The final cause and manner of death has not yet been established. It is anticipated that the additional tests that have been ordered will take six to eight weeks to complete." The spokesperson also clarified that while it has been reported that West's surgery lasted as long as five or even eight hours, "it was under four hours based on the information we've received from the doctor." West, 58, was operated on by Dr. Jan Adams on November 9 and was released to her home afterwards. On November 10, she was found unresponsive after suffering respiratory distress and was taken to Centinela Freeman Regional Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead. When pressed for more details on the specific cause of death, the coroner's office told reporters, "There was nothing apparent that jumped out at us. That is why we are deferring at this point. The doctor said everything appeared normal."