Emergency hearing called over Brit's driving

Lawyers for Britney Spears and Kevin Federline are due in court this week for yet another emergency custody hearing. The request for Friday's session was made by Federline's counsel, who previously insisted the singer not be allowed to drive when with her kids. Concern was raised after videotape surfaced of Spears allegedly running a red light in LA on November 8. Her court-appointed monitor was in the car with her sons in the back seat. "Ms. Spears was being mobbed by paparazzi at the time," her attorney said. "She was distracted. This was not blatant irresponsible driving on her part." Her lawyer declined to comment on media reports that the singer recently tested positive for amphetamines. At their last hearing on Thursday, it was revealed that Spears did not respond in a timely manner to eight of 14 drug-test requests. A rep for Federline's attorney declined to comment.