Owen's open-door policy

To prove to fellow restroom users he's not up to any funny business, Owen Wilson has taken to relieving himself with the stall door open. Despite having been spotted enjoying an occasional cocktail, Wilson is allegedly trying to prove he is not partaking of any other substances. At LA's Museum of Contemporary Art on Sunday, the recently hospitalized Darjeeling Limited star attended a ball in honor of artist Takashi Murikami. "He was with a girl with blond highlights," said a spy, "and he went to the bathroom and peed with the door open." Wilson, who is currently in New York, has been spotted frequenting various hotspots, including the Beatrice Inn, where one reveler spotted him at 2:30 yesterday morning "surrounded by two or three younger girls." Asked about the open stall door, Wilson's rep responded, "Can you blame him? He's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. If he tries to protect himself from innuendo and lies, it gets used against him."