Oscars in jeopardy?

The Oscars may be a lot shorter this year. The Writers Guild of America will not allow its members to write for the February 24 awards show nor the Golden Globes on January 13. On Monday, the Associated Press cited a guild source, who declined to say when the decision had been made. Still no word from Academy Award host Jon Stewart, a writers guild member, who has so far honored the strike. Stewart may not be the only awards show no-show. Nominee Katherine Heigl said Friday at a screening for her movie 27 Dresses: "I've been asked by my Guild not to cross the picket line, and I really have to respect that. "But I think I would feel uncomfortable doing that because I think it makes a really big statement I'm not sure I really want to make," she added. "The reality is, I really want to go – so I really wish that they'd get their waiver."