Britney's boys are fine

After last week's Britney Spears drama, the kids are doing just fine - so says Shar Jackson, Kevin Federline's ex. "The boys are good, that's the only thing I know," she said yesterday at the GBK Productions gifting suite in Beverly Hills. Jackson has two kids, daughter Kori, 5, and son Kaleb, 3, with Federline. (Jackson was pregnant with Kaleb when Federline left her for Spears.) "The kids get together all the time — they're adorable," she added. "They're cutie-patooties! She declined to comment on the current Spears situation. "I don't think about it, I'm on of the few people who believe that it has nothing to do with me," she said. "I know [Federline's] in a good place right now. I can't speak about anything that's going on with Britney." And she said she isn't judging about the pop singer's new romance with a married paparazzo. "If that's who she's digging right now, then more power to her!"