Britney heads south of the border

Britney Spears spent a brief Mexican holiday with her paparazzi friend, checking into a hotel in Rosarito Beach and buying a knockoff Gucci purse, according to a local press report. Spears wore her pink wig as she and photographer Adnan Ghalib arrived in a black SUV at the Rosarito Beach Hotel, just south of the Border, at about 3 p.m. Wednesday, according to the Ensenada, Mex., newspaper, Frontera. Ghalib's own photo agency, Finalpixx, has been photographing the pair's Mexican activities – one picture shows Ghalib hand-feeding whipped cream from a Starbucks cup to the pink-wigged Spears – and posting online updates. "Britney Spears and Adnan Ghalib are happily dating," the agency says in a post. (The agency notes that Ghalib "is married but has been separated from his wife for over a year.") The pair have been together for much of the last week. "After being released from the hospital Britney and Adnan spent the night and the following days together resting, eating, sleeping, shopping and talking about life and the love they have for their families," Finalpixx says, adding that Ghalib, himself, has not spoken publicly because it would "not be of benefit to her for him to do so." "Should he choose to speak about Britney," Finalpixx continues, "he only has positive things to say about her and the time that they have spent together." As for the other paparazzi chasing after them, "Despite such heavy scrutiny, the pair are enjoying a healthy, normal relationship," Finalpixx says.

According to Us mag, when police arrived at Spears's Beverly Hills home on Jan. 3 to investigate her custody dispute with Kevin Federline, they discovered that her youngest son, Jayden James, had at least one bite and several bruises on his body. According to a source, the LAPD report of the incident, which ended with Spears being transported to a nearby hospital for psychiatric evaluation, says that when officers arrived that evening Spears responded by yelling at them to get out of her house. Police outside the home peered through a window and saw Spears cradling Jayden in a bathroom and observed that he was not in any immediate danger. The source says that, though at first police threatened to break down the bathroom door, they soon learned that the door was in fact not locked and the officers were able to open the door and enter the bathroom. After observing the bite mark and bruises on the child, police were then told by Federline's bodyguard, who had been at the home to pick up the kids, that the injuries were on Jayden before the child had even arrived at Spears' home earlier in the day, and that his older brother, Sean Preston, had actually bit him. The source also tells Us that tests conducted on Spears at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center later that night found no evidence of drugs or alcohol in her system.