Keyshia Cole

For those that know Keyshia Cole is an R&B and star of the BET reality show, The Way It Is

Keyshia Cole came blazing into the music scene in 2005 when she released her album The Way It Is. The album debated in the top 10 in the billboard charts (at #6) and Keyshia Cole also nominated for a 2 grammies. Not bad for one's first album.

The success of Keyshia Cole's debute album lead to her getting her own reality show on BET. The show's title is the same as the one of her first album. Keyshia Cole's TV show was the highest rated tv show in BET history.

Keyshia Cole was able to use the success of her TV show to help increase the success of her second album Just Like You which was released in 2007. the same day as the second season of her reality show.

Keyshia Miesha Cole was born on Oct 15th in 1981 in Oakland, CA.

Keyshia Cole was adopted at age 2 by Yvonne Cole. Her biological mother couldn't raise her due to being addicated to drugs and her biological dad wasn't in the picture.

Keyshia Cole is biracial, her mom is Black and her dad is Italian-American.

Keyshia Cole's older brother is rapper Nutt-So who is the member of StreeThugs.