Negra Li

Negra Li is a rapper/singer from Brazil.

Negra Li was born Liliane de Carvalho, in Sao Paulo, Brazil September 17 1979.

Negra Li is a member of the rap group RZO (Reação Zona Oeste) around 2003, RZO is a group this is credited as being on of the driving forces of bringing hip-hop to Brazil in the 80's.

Negra Li then team-up with the rapper Helia

Negra Li went solo in 2004 with her album Guerreiro, Guerreira (which translates into Warrior, Warrior)

in 2006 Negra Li released her 2nd album Negra Livre (Black Free)

in 2006 Negra Li also starred in the movie Antônia, which was about four young women from a poor neighborhood that form a rap group called Antônia

the next year Antônia became a tv show that stars Negra Li and also the title for Negra Li's 3rd album

Negra Li is married to Carlos Crécio Jr

Akon featured Negara Li on his song Beautiful

and here is Negra Li covering a few popular American songs in english