Lil Mama

Rapper and Dancer Lil Mama was born October 4th 1989 in Harlem, though she grew up in Brooklyn.

Lil Mama birthname is Niatia Jessica Kirkland.

Lil Mama has 7 brothers and sisters

growing up Lil Mama studied dance and started rapping when she was 10 and actually start writing poetry at even an earlier age.

In 2007 Lil Mama step on the national stage with the song Lip Gloss. The song quickly became a top ten hit which lead way to Lil Mama's debut album VYP (Voice of the Young People)

As the name of the album implies Lil Mama makes music aimed at the kids as much as it is for teens and adults. With a style she calls hip-pop. That's right Lil Mama doesn't run away from the ideal of the popification of hip-hop but is embracing it.

But 2007 was a bitter sweat year for Lil Mama, she had a giant pop hit and a top selling album but that year Lil Mama's mama died while she was on tour.

In 2008 Lil Mama was on of the judges on Randy Jackson's America's Best Dance Crew and appeared on Avril Lavigne's remix of Girlfriend.

even though it didn't make as Kanye West ran on stage when Tylor Swift won her award at the 2009 MTV music video awards, Lil Mama also jump on stage during Jay-Z and Alica Keys performance.

in 2010 Lil Mama dropped her second album Voice of the Young People: I Am That.