John Dillinger

John Dillinger is remembered as one of the most skilled criminal that the United States has ever seen. He was killed just like any other criminal reaches a bad end, but he gained a lot of popularity during his life. He was famous for his bank robberies and he was a great skilled criminal, he killed several cops and he was involved in looting money from many bank branches. He was killed at an age of just thirty one years; he had also robbed a number of police stations. He was doing all those crimes in the period when people were facing among the biggest depression in the history of mankind. The people were very worried due to the bad trade conditions prevailing in the world. But he was not suffering from the problem as he was busy in earning illegal money by robbing the banks and becoming rich with every new crime.

John Dillinger ran away from prison many times and finally once when he ran away from prison he was spotted at a theatre and the authorities rushed to the spot and finally they killed him, making an end to a criminal’s life.

Bad people cannot live a life with respect they have to face a very pathetic end. Crime is not the way to solve the problems, people should never take the law in their own had hands and they must avoid all sorts of illegal acts. John Dillinger is not remembered in a good way and his ending is a moral for everyone.

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