Raymond Felton Is The Hottest Point Guard On The Market

Funny. For all of the All-Star games and All-NBA teams piled up by this free agency class, there is a serious lack of lead guards available. When Chris Duhon and Steve Blake are two of the first ones signed, you know it’s ugly. The best of the bunch might be former Bobcat Raymond Felton.

Felton’s a good player and has started every game he played in during the past three seasons. His career averages, 13.3 points and 6.4 assists, are solid. Yet, he has never fulfilled the potential many thought he sported when Charlotte made him the fifth pick in the 2005 NBA Draft.

It doesn’t matter whether or not he actually is a starter on a contender. He’s about to get starter money.

Yahoo! Sports reported he will command more than the mid-level exception and that New York, Miami, Indiana, New Jersey, Dallas and Memphis have already called.

This is what the Charlotte Observer had to say:

The Knicks will take a hard look at signing Raymond Felton, but don’t be surprised if Luke Ridnour becomes their point guard, after New York committed to a huge contract for Amar’e Stoudemire. They like Felton. But they’d prefer to sign a point guard to a short-term deal, and that probably isn’t to Felton’s benefit. Ridnour has fewer options, so he’d logically take the chance for the exposure he’d get as a starter in New York.

Many have considered places like Miami and New York possible destinations to pair him with Dwyane Wade and possibly LeBron James. I don’t see it. Felton has talent, but he’s best with the ball in his hands. He can’t shoot and really wouldn’t do well playing off those guys.

His true shooting percentage is awful for a point guard (55th out of 69 point guards). He is just a 28 percent three-point shooter and converts around the rim at a worse rate (45.8 percent) than all but three players out of those with at least 200 attempts. If he can’t shoot on the perimeter and doesn’t know how to finish inside, how will he ever fit next to Wade, let alone in Mike D’Antoni’s New York offense?

The Knicks need a shooter at that spot. Stoudemire wants Ridnour. Felton is the better player, but not the better fit. Plus, New York seems intent on keeping their flexibility for next summer. No way is Felton taking a one or two year deal.

His best fit might be Indiana. Up-tempo team without enough ball-handlers, Felton has to love his chances there. As of now, the spot would be his to lose.

No matter what he does, Felton is taking advantage of his position this summer.

What do you think? Where should Felton sign?
Source: dimemag.com

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