Remembering Mitch Hedberg

Mitchell Lee “Mitch” Hedberg was born on February 24, 1968, he was an American stand-up comedian recognized for his dreamlike humor and unorthodox delivery on comedy. Mitch comedy usually highlighted short, often a one like joke, combined with ridiculous elements as well as non-conclusions. His comedy and his on-stage personality obtained him an admiration, with the audience often shouting the punchlines before he could end his jokes.

In March 30, 2005, this marvelous actor died after they discover his body inside a hotel room in Livingston, New Jersey. The actor was born having a heart failure allowing him to undergo intense treatment when he was a child. Initially, it was supposed that his condition might have connection in his death.

Today they are remembering his memories through a movie entitled, “Los Enchiladas” that was released in 1999 and the lead character of the movie was played by himself, and will be release on August 12, 2010 at the Paramount Theater located in Anderson downtown at 7:00 in the evening. They will likewise display the off-stage video and rare clips of the late actor.

It is as well revealed that a session of few Q and A will likewise be performed having the parents of Hedberg, Arne and Mary Hedberg along with Mitch wife Lynn Shawcroft as a part of the session. Matt Holt will be hosting the show and all the income will be donated to the “Minnesota Teen Challenge” and “Paramount Slick Music Studio Open Jam”.

Paramount Theater’s entrance will be opened to acknowledge the guests at 6:30 in the evening and for advance ticketing cost about $15 and the tickets price is $18, which will be bought on the exact date of the show. Anybody, who wishes to come to see the memorable show for Mitch Hedberg are suggested to check on the official site of Paramount Theater to purchase the ticket.

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