U.K. Retailer Tips Predictions of New iPod touch

U.K. retailer John Lewis has let slip what it believes to be a refresh of the Apple iPod touch, based on what is assumed to be conversations with Apple.

In short, the new touch is believed to be essentially an iPhone 4 without the phone component, U.K. blog Pocket-Lint reported.

According to Rob Hennessey, a buyer for John Lewis, the new touch will include an improved 5-Mpixel camera that can shoot HD video, an accelerometer and gyroscope. the new device will also reportedly include FaceTime calling, although a Wi-Fi connection would have to be used.

Hennessey also reportedly said that the revamped touch will have an additional focus on social networking.

At this point, all of this information is unconfirmed, although, as a retailer, one might suspect that John Lewis would have inside information. And a September release date for a new touch wouldn't be out of the realm of speculation, as Apple has released a new iPod touch, like clockwork, in the first few days of September in 2007, 2008, and 2009.

It's probably reasonable to believe that a revamped touch would use the same A4 silicon as is in the iPad and iPhone 4. But, if true, is Apple making all of its devices too similar? I suppose we'll find out in September.
Source: www.pcmag.com

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