AMC Dead: The Walking Dead Begins

The Zombies are here, the Zombies are here, as the AMC Dead, The Walking Dead that is, are here for their Halloween premiere.

"The Walking Dead" is on AMC and the British miniseries "Dead Set" starts on IFC.

So, why are zombies so scary? Well says that, "there's not much you can do to a zombie. You can fiddle with their land speeds and their raison d'etre (Worldwide pandemic? Overbooking in hell?) but there ain't no way you're going to make a zombie sexy. Not even the mopey, seasonal-disorder-plagued Bella could fall for a guy whose jawbone is hanging by a decayed thread."

Enjoy the series and make sure that you check out tonight for behind the scenes and additional information about the AMC Dead (undead that is).

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