Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC on Sunday

Marine Corps Marathon On Sunday one of the most popular marathons of the country will be held. Both events involve huge security measures, organizational arrangements, and wide-spread media coverage. Washington D.C. is getting ready for a storm of people which will inundate the city over the weekend.

Perhaps the biggest concern for the organizers of both the events is security. Pentagon has ordered for tighter security in the D.C. area for the Sunday’s Marine Corps Marathon. The directives came from Pentagon after a series of shooting at the Marine Corps museum were reported.

The Marine Corps Marathon is a 26.2 miles long marathon which is held every year. This year the Marine Corps Marathon will be celebrating its 35th anniversary, and thousands of marines have vowed to take part in the event. Several marines who got injured in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars will be participating in Sunday’s Marine Corps Marathon on wheelchairs.

These marines will compete for the wheelchair class of the marathon. Several widowed women are also participating in this year’s Marine Corps Marathon in the memory of their husbands who lost their lives while fighting for the country.

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