SNL: Morgan Freeman, Ernest Borgnine (the real ones) drop by

SNL’s notoriously unfunny “What’s Up With That?” sketch, featuring a talk show host portrayed by Keenan Thompson who won’t let his guests speak, saw a pair of legendary guests in Morgan Freeman and Ernest Borgnine, whose job was to sit there and not be allowed to speak. The pair of Academy award winning actors were on hand to promote their new movie RED, and were joined by a creepily fictionalized send up of Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham.

Freeman actually got off a decent monologue before Keenan’s motor-mouth character began singing over him, before the sketch dissolved into the same shtick it always does. But while “What’s Up With That?” is one of the worst SNL sketches of its era, the looks on the faces of Morgan Freeman and Ernest Borgnine were priceless after the whole thing dissolved into host Bryan Cranston dancing around in his underwear.

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