Terror Hysteria – October Surprise Terror Theory

Terror Hysteria – October Surprise Terror Theory – With the election just on the horizon, many authorities are being warned that terrorists could potentially look to attack airport lobbies in an attempt to recreate the 2007 mistake in which two individuals set fire to a jeep that was outside of Glasgow airport. The event that many authorities hyped beyond recognition turned out to not be terrorists at all, but did create hysteria similar to what we are seeing now with the most recent announcement.

The announcement has been given the full court press by the establishment media, and all airports are being put on alert to look out for suspicious activity.

This has led some to speculate that the entire thing has been cooked up by the powers that be to draw more attention to national security and terrorism in time for the upcoming election season. We have seen it done before, but it does seem to be a bit weird that this would pop up in time for the election.

The targets that have been announced include at least five major European airports as well as a number of other locations that have been designated by those in charge. When talking about the possible attacks the media constantly references the attacks in Mumbai, transport hubs, and airport lobbies.

Alex Jones and Prison Planet’s Paul Joseph Watson brought this theory to light this week.

It will be interesting to see how politicians use the news to their advantage in the upcoming election. It has been common practice for politicians to use national security concerns to their advantage during election seasons, and this one will be no different.

Who will benefit this time?

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