What Time Does Trick or Treating Start?

Halloween is on a Sunday this year, which means there’s no official start time like “after school” or “after work” etc. So what time does trick or treating start? Some say as soon as you get up. Others say at sunset. Actually the majority says sunset is the time to trick or treat. And depending where you live, that varies.

Here on Long Island, in Suffolk County, we have had about seven trick or treaters and it is 7:30 p.m. Obviously the people over here don’t adhere to the trick or treating at sunset theory.

We’re not sure if this is just a sign of the times or the weather or if everyone just decided to forgo trick or treating and go buy their own for half price with only a few hours left of Halloween.

But back to the topic. When does trick or treating start?

The answer is now!

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