Early Election Results 2010

Early Election Results 2010, Two years after Democrats won the White House and four years after Democrats took control of Congress, Republicans are on the cusp of a dramatic resurgence in Washington and in state capitals.
Obama and former President Bill Clinton were among the Democrats on the campaign trail, trying to hold off the GOP tide. But surveys, experts and a gloomy national all pointed toward a Republican takeover of the House GOP substantial gains in the Senate and a sharp increase in Republican governors.
Dozens of seats in the House were in the democratic game. Some legislators endangered, such as Tom Perriello of Virginia, Dina Titus in Nevada and Mary Jo Kilroy in Ohio, were brought to power in the Democratic wave of 2006 and 2008. Others, like Minnesota, James Oberstar, veterans were faced with a new state of mind at home. In the Senate, meanwhile, such as calendars Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada and Russ Feingold of Wisconsin Patty Murray of Washington was fighting for his political survival.

There was a brief exile to the GOP. The party presented a united front against virtually all laws enacted by Democrats, and recent polls show that about three in 10 Republicans approve of Congress performance. It’s worse than the ratings for the Democrats. However, there was a lot of fuel concerns of voters and a renewed Republican persistent unemployment and economic insecurity, high public spending facing two wars and a deep recession, a soaring deficit of the federal government and a new controversial law healthcare greeted with suspicion by some voters and the total hostility by others.
The Tea Party movement – a mixture of conservative, libertarian, grassroots activists, and front groups affluent, all deeply skeptical about the government – was a driving force in the primaries and general election. Leaders such as former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint and former Majority Leader Dick Armey of the House stepped up their favorites, sometimes unconventional with money, hand-d the work, and social networking, with many of them over their primaries and nominated this week.
Voting expert Michael McDonald Project U.S. election predicted that 90 million people would vote record, with nearly 29 percent of them cast ballots early in person or by mail. Expenses have also set records for a midterm election. The Center for partisan political response felt that it would top 4 billion. California Republican Meg Whitman alone spent over 140 million of his own money on a race for governor that polls were unlikely to succeed.

The 10 States of the RGA considers critical to 2012 are Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Obama won all in 2008, except Arizona. At that time, eight Democratic governors had. The outlook for 2012 is a maximum of three will be led by Democrats – and only if things go the Democrats way this week in Colorado, Florida and Michigan.
Participation was the deciding factor in many lay-ups of the year race, and Republicans determined to cut into Democratic control had on the achievement of the day. Democrats tried their chicken discouraged by loyalist rallies, door to door and announcements, including Obama did for the Democratic National Committee. If Republicans win, “he told a public rally, they spend the next two years fighting for the same policies that led to recession in the first place. We cannot this one! ”
But Obama’s rating was 44 percent on Election Day – not over the magic 50 percent resulting in Basque decent. Nor were other well-known Democrats in a position to help other Democrats on the ballot. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has such low favorable ratings (a record 29 percent in a recent Gallup poll) that Republicans found it effective to attack their opponents “Democrats Pelosi.” Reid had an image problem Similar – and in addition, was in danger of losing his own seat angle.

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