The NFL Scores a Touchdown with Stuffing Recipes

Stuffing seems to be sort of the dark horse of the Thanksgiving feast -- it's hardly the prettiest dish on the table, so it sits there, steaming and unassuming, until someone takes a bite. If it's really good -- zing! It has the potential to steal the show. And if it's bad, well, there's always next year.

If you're looking to shake things up around the Thanksgiving table this year, but want a little more guarantee for your Hail Mary efforts, then we've got the resource for you: the NFL. Yes, as in football, or more specifically, Taste of the NFL, which is the league's charitable arm devoted to raising money for food banks. They've teamed up with Swanson for "The Great Stuffing Debate," which has been going on online since November 1.

Six world-class chefs were chosen to represent the six NFL teams that are scheduled to play Thanksgiving day, and they've provided a range of mouth-watering stuffing recipes, many with a sort of regional flair. They range from New Yorker Michael Stewart's "Tavern on Jane Sausage and Apple Stuffing" (representing the New York Jets) to the Southern-style cornbread stuffing from Allison Vines-Rushing, co-chef at New Orleans's MiLa (representing the Saints).

The online contest may be winding down, but you can still check out all the recipes and download them at Just in time for Game (and Turkey) Day.

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