'Weeds' Season 6 Finale: Seriously, There's No Way Out for Nancy

I realize Weeds season 7 is definitely happening, but having seen the season 6 finale, I feel like I can confidently say that there's really no way out of the pickle Nancy's gotten herself into this time. Like absolutely no. Way. Out.

We've seen her through season-ending cliffhangers like Armenian mobsters and gangster U-Turn holding her at gunpoint in the grow house, telling Esteban she's pregnant to bring a reprieve from him murdering her on the spot, and Shane murdering Pilar with a croquet mallet. And after each of those finales, I was like, how in the hell are the writers going to get Nancy out of this? And each time, with the start of the new season, they managed to. However, this time, I'm not asking how -- because unless they pretend this has all just been a bad dream, I don't see any feasible way for them to get Nancy out of this one.

Vague enough for you? Well, then allow me to throw out one more obtuse comment to emblazon on your brain: Plan C. It all comes down to Plan C.

Even without having seen the finale, you already know that Nancy is basically screwed. She's back in Esteban's and Guillermo's grips. They've found her and her confession interview with journalist Vaughn, whose hotel room has been ransacked and who is nowhere to be found (poor guy, all he wanted was his story). And we know the rest of the fam -- and mailman/retired teacher Mr. Schiff (Richard Dreyfuss) -- is already en route to the airport to flee to Amsterdam with their new fake passports. Would they really leave without her?

And we know that Silas is holding quite the grudge against Mama Botwin about the discovery that her high school sweetheart is his biological father. Maybe he'll finally abandon the Botwin insanity once and for all and stick around to get to know his Pops.

And then there's the baby, who seems to be the only reason Esteban was hunting Nancy down in the first place -- to get his boy back. So maybe she'll just hand him over and jump on the plane to Amsterdam? Nah, that's just too easy.

Oh, and what about the FBI, which is looking for Nancy to question her about that whole pesky murder thing? Wouldn't they catch up to her if she actually tried to fly somewhere, even with (or perhaps especially with) a fake passport?

All I can say -- until you've seen the episode, that is (so please hurry up and watch it and come back so we can discuss!!) -- is that it all finally catches up to Nancy in the season 6 finale, airing at 10pm Monday on Showtime. And I've got to say, I was actually astounded/impressed at how boldly she faced her fate. But perhaps it was only because she had no other choice.

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