Ultra Music Festival 2011

Traditionally the Ultra Music Festival 2011 equates to superb electronic music being unleashed in the city of Miami, and 2011 will be bring the same.

Both the Winter Music Conference and its related weekend gathering, the Ultra Music Festival have announced their 2011 information, but not like year’s before, the two events will not occur during the same week.

Coming as a surprise, the SXSW themed WMC will kick off two weeks earlier than it typically has and this year’s production will span from March 8 thru the 12th.

Ultra Music Festival 2011 however will remain on its normal end of March schedule. though it will be spread out over three days. With this year’s dates scheduled for March 25-27.

So far, music lineups for both productions are still in progress, but so far Crystal Castles have independently confirmed their slot at the Ultra Music Festival 2011.

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