Valdosta State University

More than a 100 Valdosta State University student
volunteers shall be paring up with 80+ at risk youth in order to cheer on the Blazers during the game that shall be played on 2 p.m. against the West Georgia on this coming Saturday. The overwhelming interest that has been taken by the Valdosta State University students has enabled the 6th annual Blazer Buddies program to really invite a record number of children to in actual take part in day of tailgating, fellowship and lots more. In the year 2005 Richard Lee who is the assistant dean of the students for the conduct, made a partnership with the founder of Heart2Heart in order to sponsor the event that was designed to foster relationships and memories for the children.

The good work in actual that is being done by students of Valdosta State University is worth applause and people are really taking a lot of interest to know about the good work n actual that they are engaged in. The athletics department of the university gave a number of complimentary tickets in actual to the youth at the 50 yards line. At the actual end of the game they shall all be taken to meet the players and the cheerleaders for some autographs and photos on the very field. Things are looking really fine as spending some time with the cheerleaders is always a great thing and actual the people really love close time with the players which they always saw playing on TV or far away in reality from them in the play field.

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