Word of the Year: 'Spillcam' beats out Sarah Palin's 'Refudiate'

AUSTIN - The words of the year are reminiscent of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the World Cup in South Africa and Sarah Palin.

The Global Language Monitor released its list of the top words of the year on Monday.

The top 10 words are:

1. Spillcam - Referring to the constant video of the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.
2. Vuvuzela - The instrument used continuously at the World Cup.
3. The Narrative - Used in the political arena instead of a party's platform.
4. Refudiate - Sarah Palin's word where she combined "refute" and "repudiate."
5. Guido and Guidette - In reference to the TV show "Jersey Shore."
6. Deficit - Referring to both the U.S. and global issues.
7. Snowmaggeden (and Snowpocalypse) - The words used to describe the record snowfalls in the East Coast and Northern Europe last winter.
8. 3-D - Because the technology hit big at the box office this year.
9. Shellacking - How President Obama described the Democrat's losses in this year's election.
10. Simplexity - A way of simplifying complex ideas.

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