Zenyatta Breeders Cup 2010 Results

The just concluded Breeders’ Cup Class 2010 was the mark of bad finish for Zenyatta for the very first time.
Zenyatta fans-both old and young alike were astounded as Zenyatta experienced its first loss in the horse’s career of 19 previous races. Zenyatta started the race from being the last to a very close second as Blame took charge and finished first place. Zenyatta (#8) was running at full charge after being behind and passed the entire field but that was not enough to beat Blame whose head was fully extended over the finish line while Zenyatta’s nose was just starting to cross.

Mike Smith, Zenyatta’s jockey commented that the horse has all the trappings of being a winner thus blaming himself for the first loss of Zenata in the Breeders’ Cup Classic 2010. Other spectators also shares the blame in the jockey saying that he was waiting too long earlier in the race and permitted the competition to place ahead of them. Though he blames himself, ESPN Analysts says otherwise saying that Smith ran a good race and mover the horse through and around the pack at his first and best opportunities.
Even if Zenyatta has lost the race, many observers have dubbed the horse as as the “best female horse” in the sports history commenting that the horse still has the remarkable power and stamina of being a champion.
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