Zabernism: What does it Mean?

Zabernism is a term that often come up in World of Warcraft circles, but it is also used in other military realms as well. Check out the Zabernism definition below.

Zabernism is defined as abusive misuse of military authority; bullying (From the German name for Saverne, a town in Alsace. The term originated from an incident in 1912 involving an overzealous soldier who killed a cobbler for smiling at him.)

Term Usage: "He led his people to destroy the militarism of Zabern; and the army they rescued is busy in Cologne imprisoning every German who does not salute a British officer; whilst the government at home, asked whether it approves, replies that it does not propose even to discontinue this Zabernism when the Peace is concluded, but in effect looks forward to making Germans salute British officers until the end of the world." - Heartbreak House, George Bernard Shaw

We'll see how longer the term goes on to be used in the future. It's kind of a strange word.

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