Ryan Mallett Finds the Perfect Fit With The Patriots

Ryan Mallett found the perfect team to go to when the New England Patriots couldn’t resist drafting him in the third round of the N.F.L. Draft.

The Patriots make a bold, but quality move grabbing Mallett in the third round. The Patriots can keep him and flip him for a higher draft pick later, or develop him behind Brady until Brady retires (coming sooner than later). On the flip side Mallett gets to go to one of the best organizations in the NFL with great mentors in Brady and B.B.

This draft seems to be heavy on character. Talented character concerns have been taking falls is that due to Roger Goodell’s focus on punishing character problems.

anyway, too distracted and engrossed in the draft, and I’ll refine this tommorrow.

But The perfect place for Mallett was in the third round to the Patriots. Huge chip on his shoulder, great mentors, and a real chance to blossom. And when you have 200 picks in the draft you can grab projects who won’t see the field like Mallett

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