New Jersey barber arrested for allegedly biting an employee's ear half-off

The owner of Trenton, New Jersey’s Beauty and the Beast Barber Shop was arrested Thursday on allegations that he bit an employee’s ear nearly-off due to a slow haircut.

James Dillard, 40, was reportedly upset that an employee by the name of “Angelo” was taking too long to cut a customer’s hair. The two allegedly exchanged words and “Angelo” stormed out of the barber shop, slamming the door and shattering a glass window.

Shop owner Dillard followed the employee outside where the two reportedly began to fight. The altercation escalated and at some point, Dillard bit “Angelo’s” ear to the point that it needed emergency plastic surgery.

Angelo is known around the neighborhood as a hardworking kid who holds down two jobs, one at the 7-11 and another at the barber shop. Dillard is reportedly a four-time convicted felon who reportedly has a reputation for violence including aggravated assault on a police officer.

The barber shop located at 748 Chambers is owned by Dillard and his wife. Dillard’s wife being the Beauty and he being the Beast.

Dillard was arrested on charges of aggravated assault and he was bailed out of jail on Friday.

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