TV's Joel McHale riffing with Rifftrax on Red Dawn

Actor, comedian and classically trained suit wearer Joel McHale has taken his talent for riffing to the next level.

The star of The Soup and the upcoming NBC sitcom Community has joined forces with Michael J. Nelson's to provide a running comedy commentary for the perennial craptastic 80s classic Red Dawn. Nelson announced the guest commentary on the Rifftrax site and his Twitter blog earlier this week.

Rifftrax, for those who may not be familiar with the site and are therefore in no way cool, is the comedy website that provides downloadable MP3s of funny movie commentaries featuring the voices and talents of the minds behind Mystery Science Theater 3000 including Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy. It is the only reason I still own all three Matrix films, that and the fact that my desk is missing part of a leg.

Neither McHale or Nelson have spilled many details as to why they chose to riff on Red Dawn, other than the fact that it sucks harder than Larry King trying to obtain the last ounce of life from an orphan baby. Seriously, if you have not seen it, keep it that way. Your eyes will thank you if they could talk. And if they can't, they will eventually find a way to learn so they can personally thank you.

I'm just curious to know the connection between Nelson's special guest and the film, other than the possibilities for picking the film apart are more promising than Joel Hodgson at a Roger Corman film festival.

Past celebrity riffs have tried to fit the film to the guest such as legendary lounge lizard Richard Cheese's guest riff on Ocean's Eleven and comedy musician "Weird Al" Yankovic's assault on the original Jurassic Park. I would have pegged McHale to take on Paris Hilton's ear-stopping performance in The Hottie and the Nottie or Lindsey Lohan's last unwatchable dreck (take your pick). Then again, I would have to own either of these films in order to enjoy Nelson and McHale's commentary, so I should just count my blessings and clear the rest of this week's schedule to make the time to count that high.

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