No reconciliation for L-Lo and her father

Lindsay Lohan has finally spoken to her estranged father, Michael Lohan, two weeks after his release from prison. The former stockbroker completed 20 months for drunk driving charges, and hoped to repair his relationship with his daughter once released. It seems his hopes may be dashed, however. "It wasn't the phone call Michael wanted," a source said, who added that Lindsay's response was, "'You still haven't changed. Don't go near my mother ever again.' Lindsay called her mother and told her to be careful and to take care of her brother and sister." The Bobby star's dad thinks his daughter will have a change of heart once her uncle, Paul Sullivan, is sentenced for mail fraud charges at the end of April. "When one door closes, another door opens," Michael Lohan told a friend earlier this week. "This is divine retribution. [Sullivan] is the guy behind the whole thing. He set me up, spread lies and rumors about me, and convinced Lindsay to 'distance' herself from me. Paul even pressed false charges against me to have me arrested. He called me a con man, but he's a con man... Maybe the truth is finally coming to light, and the people who came between the Lohans will be weeded out as well... Perhaps this is what Lindsay needed all along." Could this family be anymore f-ed up??