Heather Mills wants people to feel sorry for her

Heather Mills broke into tears this morning on Ryan Seacrest's radio show after a reformed "Heather-hater" said people should apologize for every bad thing they've ever said about her. "I could have gone down that path of lowering myself to everyone else's level...and proven my innocence," Mills said of her relationship with Beatle Paul McCartney as she fought back tears. "All I did was fall in love with somebody - madly - and give up my life for seven years, you know...and then to be vilified for it? I'm actually quite shocked... If I was a gold digger, I would be a very wealthy woman now...and I'm not." Um, can I just point out here that no one would have a clue who Heather Mills was if it weren't for that "lost" seven years with Paul McCartney. And she may not be rich yet, but she will be once her divorce is finalized. Boo-hoo.