Tori took inspiration from Angelina during birth

Tori Spelling spoke to Us mag (surprise surprise - that girl wants publicity every time she leaves the house) about welcoming her new son Liam, saying she "felt like I was being Tasered!" to describe her labor pains. "As foolish as this sounds now, I wanted to feel how bad it would hurt," Spelling said. "But I think I let the pain go on a little too long before I got the epidural." When her doctor told her he needed to do a C-section, the 90210 alum said, "I asked Dr. Rothbart if he'd do a good job, and he said, 'Well, Angelina didn't complain.' So I was like, 'If Angelina let him do a C-section in Africa, I am okay. I felt comforted by that." Of her recent reunion with her mom, Spelling gushed, "I'm so happy she's back in my life. Having a child puts it all in perspective. Knowing the bond I have with Liam means that I get my mom's bond with me."