Brit's bodyguard served; lawyers fight for privacy

More Britney Spears stuff... The popstar's former bodyguard (this girl goes through staff more often than she wears underwear) has been served with two subpoenas from Kevin Federline's lawyer, forcing him to testify in Spears's custody trial. Daimon Shippen was served late last night by the same process server who presented Spears's former assistant, Alli Sims, with a similar order over the weekend. And insider close to Federline says more people in Spears's inner circle will also be compelled to testify. "This is an ongoing operation," says the source. Meanwhile, lawyers for both Spears and Federline were in court this morning arguing for privacy in their case. "The public's right to know is not outweighed by Federline's right to keep his kids safe," Spears's lawyer said outside the family courtroom. "You have got to wonder why the public interest in this case is so great." An attorney for several media outlets filed an objection to Federline's lawyer's request that records relating to the ongoing custody case should be sealed from the public. "Anytime you have a case with a minor child it is important that the children be protected," said KFed's lawyer.