Lindsay may escape felony charges

According to TMZ, there is a good chance the LA County District Attorney's office will not file felony charges against Lindsay Lohan in connection with her two DUI arrests. Sources say charges may be filed on Wednesday, and that the D.A. is leaning toward rejecting three possible felonies and almost certainly will not file cocaine charges in connection with Lohan's DUI bust on Memorial Day weekend. With respect to her more recent arrest in July, the D.A. could charge the star with felony cocaine possession as well as bringing cocaine into a correctional facility - but is reportedly not inclined to file those felony charges either, which basically leaves misdemeanor DUI charges for both incidents. Lohan's attorney Blair Berk and prosecutors have been talking a lot, which could spell a possible plea bargain. If Lohan is not charged with a felony, she is not required to attend her arraignment on Friday. If eventually found guilty of misdemeanor DUI charges, she faces a minimum of four days in jail.