Unlikely BFFs: Gwyneth and Ross

The Tonight Show's Ross "the Intern" Mathews gushed about his friendship with A-lister Gwyneth Paltrow at a fashion event in LA over the weekend. "She has the raunchiest sense of humor," he said. "I think we click because I can be quite dirty and filthy. Like I have the mouth of a sailor, and she really appreciates that." The unlikely BFFs began a friendship after Mathews saw her at an Oscar party about five years ago. "I was covering the Vanity Fair party, and she was walking down the red carpet and I said, 'Will you be my best friend?' And she said 'Yes!' And I gave her my email address and the next morning had an email from her. And we have emailed now for...it's been going five years. And whenever she's in town, we get together and have dinner, lunch and I go visit her on set and I even went to London to hang out with her. It's crazy... Well, we've been through everything like from relationships and breakups and our fathers died around the same time, and so we've run the gamut of sort of like emotions. And so it went from being sort of like a funny 'Oh my god, Gwyneth Paltrow's my friend!' to like she's someone I can talk to about this and that I can't really talk to a lot of people about. And we've really grown to relate and love each other, and it's wonderful."