Directors defend Wilson flick's release

Owen Wilson latest film, The Darjeeling Unlimited, opens in limited release this weekend. At a press event for the movie, reporters asked filmmakers Roman Coppola and Wes Anderson, along with co-star Adrien Brody, if the film - in which it is implied that Wilson's character may have recently attempted suicide - should have been postponed in light of the actor's recent real-life attempt to end his life. "That's not what I want and not what Owen wants. Owen's very happy we're releasing it now," said Anderson. And Coppola adds: "There's the show business adage of the show must go on. We're all sympathetic about our friend's well being. I haven't spoken with him about this but I think he'd be very eager that the film be shown. He's proud of the work we did. In terms of art and personal life echoing one another - that's the proper way to make a movie. I've been witness to a lot of movies that my dad [Francis Ford Coppola] did and it's very familiar to me that your personal life reflects the theme of the movie. To me it's just a given that your life and the theme of the work is going to intertwine." Adrien Brody also weighed in, saying, "I try not to think about these things. It's not up to me."