Spears "just wants to be a mom," says lawyer

Britney Spears "just wants to be a mom," her lawyer, Laura Wasser, said Friday, adding, "I believe this is a frustrating time for her." Wasser spoke to reporters outside the courtroom after another hearing in the custody fight between Spears and ex-husband Kevin Federline. She did not confirm any details about what was discussed at the hearing. Asked if Spears has been having a hard time because of all the negative reactions to her VMA performance last weekend, Wasser said, "Yes. I think she just wants to be a mom, and both of her kids' birthdays are this week, and I think she would've liked to celebrate with them without having to worry about the entire nation - the entire world - being concerned about what's going on with her personality and her custody battle with Mr. Federline." When asked to address a story that Spears had tried to offer Federline a settlement, which he was reportedly resistant to accept, Wasser replied, "I don't believe that's true. They met and are trying to work it out so they don't have to make a judge make determinations for them regarding their kids. I don't know that he was resistant or she was resistant. They are both trying to work to come up with something together." Spears and Federline currently have 50/50 custody, but Federline is seeking more time, serving subpoena's on people in Spears's inner circle to show problems in her parenting skills.