Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson is a singer and songwriter

before making it as a singer Keri Hilson started out as song writer and background singer. Keri Hilson has written songs for such stars as Britney Spears, Ciara, Luda, Usher and more.

as songwriter Keri Hilson is part of a writing group that was formed in 2004 called The Clutch.

Keri Hilson has also worked as a video girl and appeared in the video for Usher's Love in This Club and Ne-Yo's Miss Independent

in 2007 Keri Hilson starting working with famed producer Timberland and appeared on a number of songs on his album Shock Value as well as other artist on his label.

in 2008 Keri Hilson release her first solo song Energy.

the next year Keri Hilson would release her album In a Perfect World which as the hit song Your turning me on (which as hit remix featuring Lil Wayne)

Keri Hilson was born Keri Lynn Hilson on 1982 in Decatur, Georgia.