Alesha Dixon

Alesha Dixon is a British pop singer.

Alesha Dixon was born on October 7th 1978 in Welwyn Garden City, England. Aleshia Dixon's father is Jamaican and her mother is British.

in 1999 Alesha Dixon meet Sabrina Washington in a dance school called the Dance attic. The two desided to become a singing duo and recorded a demo song. Shortly after recording the demo track Alesha Dixon and Sabrina meet Su-Elise Nash and they decided to be come the trio known as Mis-Teeq. When the Mis-Teeq singed to Telstar Records, the company decided to add another member to the group, Zena McNally. But she was only a part of Mis-Teeq for a few years and quickly left the group after their first single "Why"

With Mis-Teeq Alesha Dixon released 4 albums. their debut album Lickin' on both sides in 2001. Eye Candy in 2003 and a self-titled album (which really where just songs from the 1st 2 albums) that was their American debut and a best of album.

Mis-Teeq broke up in 2005 and ALesha Dixon began to embark on a solo career and singed a record deal with Polydor records. In 2005 Alesha Dixon started working on her debut solo Fired Up and released a few singles for the album, but at by the end of 2006 Alesha Dixon left Polydor. Alesha Dixon owned the rights to her song and the album was released in 2008 in Japan.

also in 2008 Alesha Dixon signed to Asylum Records and with them released Alesha Dixon's album The Alesha Show.

in 2009 Alesha Dixon become one of the judges on the British show Strictly Come Dancing (the show is like Dancing with the Stars) Alesha Dixon danced on the show two years earlier.

Besides Signing and judging other celebrities dancing Alesha Dixon is also a model. It started in 2003 when Alesha Dixon and the other members of Mis-Teeq became the face for JD sports and form there did a number of magazine covers and fashion shoots. in 2004 Alesha Dixon was the featured dancer in the N.E.R.D video for She Wants to Move.