Heather Hunter

The porn star, rapper, writer and artist Heather Hunter was born on October 1st 1969 The Bronx New York As Heather Keisha Hunter.

Heather Hunter meet adult film star Hyapatia Lee at the historic New York nightclub the Latin Quarter, where Hunter was a dancer and Lee talked to Heather Hunter about going into the adult film industry. She did and in 1988 her first film Heather Hunter on fire was released. Heather Hunter says that she filmed the movie on her 18th birthday.

From there Heather Hunter did a few films with vidway but soon she moved to L.A where Heather Hunter signed with Vivid Entertainment. Heather Hunter was Vivid's first Black actress to sign with the company. with Vivid Heather Hunter's career took off and she became one of the most well know porno actress of the 90's.

The interesting thing about Heather Hunter is that she is one of the few adult film start that was able to make a name for themselves outside of porn.

In 1993 Heather Hunter entered the music industry when she released the House music song "I want it all Night long" for Island Records.

Some time after the release of that single Heather Hunter left Island Records and signed with Tommy Boy, but noting came of that. Heather Hunter says that the label didn't know what to do with her, they didn't know if they should push Heather Hunter as and R&B artist or pop star.

In 1998 Heather Hunter became the host of the The Peep Show, a pay-per-view music video/talk show that was originally hosted by Luke Campbell, that ran candid interviews and unedited videos. Heather Hunter hosted the program for 2 years.

During the time web cartoon crazy Heather Hunter had her own Internet toon Bulletproof Diva. The cartoon shorts where collect and released on DVD in 2003 by Urban Box Office.

In 2005 Heather Hunter returned to music when she not only released a rap album under the name Double H called the unexpected, Heather Hunter started her own label Blo Records with her manager Dave Copeland. The video for Heather Hunter's song So Serious was in heavy rotation on BET uncut.

In 2006 Heather Hunter opened her own Art Gallery in Brooklyn, New York's DUMBO section called Artcore-NYC, which sales paintings done by Heather Hunter. But Heather Hunter's interested in art started long before the gallery, in high school she majored in design and illustration at the High school of Fashion Industries and as a teen was a graffiti artist bombing the city under the tag Ms. 45

In 2007 Heather Hunter co-wrote the novel Insatiable: The Rise of a Porn Star with Michelle Valentine, that is loosely based on her.