Ashley Tisdale Describes New Cheerleading Show, 'Hellcats' As 'Bring It On' Meets 'Friday Night Lights'

What do we want? Ashley! What's that? Tisdale! Ashley Tisdale! And, that's what fans are going to be getting a lot of this fall when Ashley hits the small screen for her new cheerleader drama on the CW, "Hellcats." And, the star admits that this isn't some fun, bubbly version of what it's like to be on the cheerleading squad.

"'Hellcats' is the world of competitive cheerleading, and I play Savannah Monroe. She's the captain of the cheerleaders and Marti, played by Aly Michalka, has lost her scholarship. So she has to join cheerleaders. And it’s a lot of fun. It’s a drama, but it still has the fun energy. It's very fierce."

With thoughts of competitive cheerleading doing rah rahs in our heads, we wondered if Ashley may have found some inspiration from the classic Kirsten Dunst flick, "Bring It On." "It’s a little bit more grittier than 'Bring It On,'" Ashley told Hollywood Crush. "It's kind of like that meets 'Friday Night Lights,'" she explained. "I think 'Bring It On' is really great and it's very bubbly, but this is a little bit more edgier. The music's more edgier. It's a really cool show."

So, what did Ashley learn about cheerleaders? "They take themselves very seriously. It’s a very serious competitive sport and some people take it lightly. It's hard work, dude, you have to be crazy to do that stuff," she said. "And that's my character. She's the crazy one. She's a flyer."

Cheering, however, runs in the Tisdale family. "My mom and sister are the cheerleaders in the family, so they kind of taught me some things," she said. "Cheerleading's very different from dance. I've dancing for a long time, but it's a lot of fun. It’s a great workout." Source:

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